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  • My Beeting Heart

    At Elephant Plate, we’re big fans of beets. They may not be the most elegant vegetable in the produce aisle, but when it comes to nutrients, they really deliver. At only 58 calories, one cup of beets has about 2 grams of protein, almost 4 grams of fiber, 11% of your potassium daily value, and a whopping 37% of your daily value of folate! They’re loaded with other vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that make them one of our favorite superfoods.

  • Refined vs Cold-Pressed Oils

    When we think of oil, we tend to think of all the ways we can avoid it. The skincare we use to keep it off our faces, the salads we buy to offset the food fried in it, or the jumps and hops it takes to avoid burning your skin while cooking with it. But what about the oils in the products we put on our faces to nourish them, the oils mixed into vinaigrette’s for healthy salads, or the oil creating crispy crusts and an easier pan to clean? Oil is a spectrum, and, with the right choices, we can use it for nourishment.
  • Inflammation’s Effect on the Body

    Whether or not inflammation is the villain or the hero in your body’s story depends on context. The army of white blood cells your immune system sends to protect you from infection and injury may cause momentary pain, but once the cut closes or the sickness passes, the inflammation is over. This is called acute inflammation: the healing side of inflammation. The inflammation we want to avoid, however, is chronic inflammation.
  • 3 Key Ingredients that Fuel Your Immune System

    I think we can all agree that these are trying times. COVID has had an effect on all of us, whether that’s the physical reality of the illness, the emotional effects..
  • What is Yogic Food?

    Yogic food sounds like exactly what you think is sounds like: a diet designed specifically for those following the practice of Yoga...